SRSLY is made up of community members and organizations that want to make a serious impact in Stockbridge. Adult and youth steering committees keep the coalition on track.

Adult Steering Committee

  • Sarah Bentley, Principal, Heritage School
  • Paul Crandall, Stockbridge Library
  • Reiley Curran, MPH, SRSLY Regional Director
  • Karl Hedrich, Superintendent, Stockbridge Community Schools
  • Yvonne Hopkins, Stockbridge Parent Representative
  • Brian Johnson, Crossroads Community Church
  • Jo Mayer, Stockbridge Community Outreach
  • Tonya Sexton, DO, Family Medicine of Stockbridge
  • Johnnie Torres, Chief, Stockbridge Police
  • Jeff Trapp, Principal, Stockbridge Senior High School

Youth Steering Committee

  • Madison B., 9th grade
  • Hannah B., 11th Grade
  • Caitlin F., 11th Grade
  • Logan F., 9th Grade
  • Isabella H., 7th Grade
  • Hayley L., 7th Grade
  • Madison P., 9th Grade
  • Grace T., 9th Grade
  • Connor W., 9th Grade
  • Devin W., 12th Grade
  • Brenden Y., 9th Grade
  • MacKenzye Y., 10th Grade


  • Emily Stewart, Coalition Director
  • Becca Jaskot, Program Coordinator

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